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"The Legends of Bumps Ridge"

Immerse yourself in the enchanting wilderness with “The Legends of Bumps Ridge,” a mesmerizing limited edition print by the esteemed artist, Jim Tostrud. Renowned for his intricate wildlife artistry, Tostrud brings to life a scene of two majestic monser whitetail bucks amidst the autumn beauty of Bumps Ridge. A vision most any deer hunter could only dream of. The detailed rendering captures the graceful creatures in their natural habitat, surrounded by lush foliage and bathed in the soft glow of dawn.


Choose between two exquisite display options: a stretched canvas that imbues the artwork with depth and lifelike quality, or a gilcée framed print that marries advanced printing technology with an elegant dark wooden frame. Each option measures 20" x 16", offering a statement piece that graces any room with nature’s splendor.


“The Legends of Bumps Ridge” is an exclusive limited edition offering; each print is adorned with Jim Tostrud’s signature and individual numbering. This distinct touch elevates its value, making it not just a visual masterpiece but also a collector’s gem. 

"The Legends of Bumps Ridge"

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