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Finish the Mission (FTM) is a nonprofit that helps West Michigan veterans with their needs and honors their sacrifices. Founded in 2014 by Tom Antor, who organized the first Freedom Cruise, a patriotic event for veterans. Their mission is to remember the fallen, recognize and honor their service, and assist the living. FTM works with other local veterans’ organizations to provide support for food, utilities, rent, medical expenses, and home repairs. They also host and join other patriotic events and activities throughout the year. FTM is a group of local veterans and civilians who care about serving those who have served us.


The Freedom Cruise is a fundraising event organized by FTM. The yearly event features a car and motorcycle show, a live music concert, and a parade of veterans in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Jim Tostrud, artist, and patriot initially helped design the sign and billboard for the event. He later stepped in as the portrait artist for the Gold Star families, after Phil Taylor, the founder of the American Fallen Soldiers Project, was injured in a car accident.


Tom, the founder of FTM, asked Jim Tostrud, a wildlife artist, to take over the portrait painting for the Gold Star families. Jim channeled his talent and passion into crafting beautiful and meaningful portraits of fallen soldiers, honoring their sacrifice and service. Each piece, imbued with emotion and reverence, serves as a poignant tribute. The journey wasn’t without its challenges; every stroke of the brush brought Jim face to face with the profound loss endured by families like Chad Volmar’s. Yet, it was through this intimate artistic process that Jim found a place in the “Finish the Mission” family. His contributions to the “Freedom Cruise” event not only immortalized young heroes but also showcased art’s power to heal, connect, and inspire. “Never Forget”

Army Sergeant

Chad J. Vollmer
12/23/2006 — Age 24
Grand Rapids, MI


Sergeant First Class

Richard J. Herrema
4/25/2006 — Age 27
Hudsonville, MI


Army Private First Class

Nicholas H. Blodgett
7/21/2004 — Age 21
Wyoming, MI

Army Specialist

Timothy D. Brown
11/4/2005 — Age 23

Cedar Springs, MI

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