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Be it in the wild Turkey woods just as the sun is bringing the woods to life. As the first heart-stopping gobble sounds off, or as a big long beard Tom steps out in full strut which Jim has witnessed so many times. You can feel the experience for yourself through Jim's art.


Jim has expressed that his true love and passion in the outdoors is on the water fishing for almost anything that will bend his rod and make the reel drag sing. As a fisherman since he was a little guy until now with over 30 years as a fishing guide, Jim still loves every time he is on the water, be it by himself or sharing time on the water with others. Jim says "at this time in my life I feel it is my time to share all the experience and knowledge I have gained over the years on the water with others. I feel I am an educator of Anglers at this time of my life. I love sharing time on the water with others and for those who haven't done that yet, my hope is that they will enjoy my visions of what I love on the water. Jim is proud that he has won a number of Trout and Salmon stamp art competitions in the state of Wisconsin.


Jim has hunted for waterfowl all over the country. Jim says there is something so special about watching a flock of ducks or a flight of geese locking up for a landing into a set of decoys, or watching your favorite furry hunting partner shiver with excitement waiting to explode out of the blind to do their job after you do yours.


Jim has hunted upland game birds since he has been a young man. Jim says "There is something so special about watching a good dog work. If you go out Pheasant hunting without a dog, you are just out for a walk. I have been so blessed to hunt with some incredible furry hunting partners including my own. There is something so special shared between a man and his dog when they work together in the field. When it all comes together and the dog goes to point, the flush, the cackle of the rooster, and the shot. It is art in the making. I know how special all my dogs have been to me and they are to so many of us.


Jim has been creating beautiful pet portraits for years, using his skills in pencil and paint to capture the personality and charm of each animal. No matter what kind of pet you have, Jim can create a realistic and expressive portrait that you will cherish for a lifetime.