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"The Legend of Droptine Valley"

Immerse yourself in the enchanting wilderness with “The Legend of Droptine Valley,” a mesmerizing limited edition print by Jim Tostrud, an artist celebrated for his evocative wildlife artistry. This masterpiece unveils a majestic whitetail buck, its grandeur accentuated by the sprawling antlers, standing amidst the tranquil beauty of Droptine Valley.


The artwork is infused with intricate details and vivid colors, capturing the essence of nature’s splendor and the deer’s regal presence. Every stroke and hue invites viewers into a world where nature’s majesty reigns supreme.


Choose between two exquisite display options: a stretched canvas that breathes life and depth into this natural spectacle or a gilcée framed print that marries advanced printing technology with an elegant dark wooden frame. Each option measures 16" x 20", promising to be a striking centerpiece in any space.


“The Legend of Droptine Valley” is exclusive, with limited copies available. Each print is autographed and numbered by Jim Tostrud himself, offering art connoisseurs a unique piece imbued with authenticity and artistic brilliance. Possess a segment of Tostrud’s iconic work and let “The Legend of Droptine Valley” transport you to realms where nature’s magnificence is eternal.

"The Legend of Droptine Valley"

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