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Pheasant "Sunrise Flush"

Immerse yourself in the enchanting allure of the wilderness with "Sunrise Flush," a mesmerizing limited edition print by Jim Tostrud, an esteemed artist celebrated for his evocative wildlife artistry. This piece captures a pair of ringneck pheasants, on their first flush in the golden embrace of the dawn’s first light. A companion pheasant stands nearby, both enveloped in a field of amber-hued grasses that dance to the gentle whisper of the morning breeze.


Choose between two exquisite display options: a stretched canvas that breathes life and vibrancy into this awe-inspiring scene, or a giclée framed print that marries cutting-edge print technology with an elegant wooden frame. Both options measure 20" x 16" - an ideal size to transform any space into a sanctuary of natural splendor.


“Sunrise Flush” is offered as a limited edition print; each piece is imbued with exclusivity and distinction. Every print is autographed and numbered by Jim Tostrud himself, inviting you to possess not just art but a treasure steeped in authenticity and craftsmanship.

Pheasant "Sunrise Flush"

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