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Jim Tostrud's Wildlife Visions

Welcome to the world of Jim Tostrud's Wildlife Visions. Jim has grown up in the Midwest state of Wisconsin. As he grew up, he has always had a strong love and passion for the outdoors and nature. Jim says that he has been blessed to have people in his life who have shared their passion and knowledge of the outdoors with him. Over the years, Jim has taken many paths to get to this point in his life as a person, a professional outdoorsman, and mostly an artist.

Jim says that through his God-given talents, he can share his visions of what he witnessed with others through his art. Jim has been a photographer and videographer for most of his life, photographing and videoing wildlife and nature all over the country. In fact, Jim had his own outdoor TV show for over 20 years, titled "Wildlife Visions Outdoors TV Show". Jim no longer does the show but is known for his work in front and behind the camera and still does photographer and video work for others in the outdoors industry.

Jim Tostrud's Wildlife Visions is just as it sounds, many of Jim's pieces of art are of subject matter that he has witnessed firsthand in his own experiences in the outdoors. Jim says, "As an observer of wildlife and nature, I have witnessed amazing things in the outdoors. I gain great inspiration from my own experiences and what I witnessed firsthand in the woods or on the water.

Jim says, "I have shared the woods and water with countless others and have been blessed with those experiences. I feel that through my art is a way to share my experiences with all those who love wildlife and nature as I do, who haven't been with me firsthand.

"I hope that whoever witnesses my art can truly feel my love and passion for a moment in time in nature captured in my art. Be it a big majestic whitetail buck, a strutting Tom turkey, or a songbird. The Lord has blessed me in so many ways. My hopes are to share my blessings with all who view Jim Tostrud's Wildlife Visions!"


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